Capabilities Statement


Shellback Industries is a CVE Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).  We are a forward-thinking Construction Management, Materials & Site Preparation Company.  As experts in demolition, land grading, performing excavation and site clearing, we have successfully performed work ranging from removing underground water and fuel tanks to removing and replacing concrete pads used in gas station construction, among others.  Continually, we add services in the energy upgrade sector and contract with commercial and industrial energy users allowing them to save millions of dollars on energy costs and reducing their carbon footprint through LED replacement upgrades and ultra-clean combined heat and power (CHP) upgrades.

As an emerging construction management and materials company, we have grown quite a bit.  Under my direction and supervision, we have been able to obtain, manage, perform and complete government contracts awarded. As our business and expertise grows, we intend to offer more equipment and increase personnel.  My goal for the future of Shellback Industries is to become as self-performing as possible.

northwestern-1As we look at providing additional services, we focus on providing energy upgrades in the commercial and industrial sectors. We have also explored using energy modules that are the ultimate in efficiency and ease-of-use when it comes to combined heat and power (CHP) applications. These self-contained miniature power plants deliver highly consistent levels of ultra-clean combined heat & power with minimal noise and emissions. Though these modules are packaged to eliminate exposure to outside elements, they are surprisingly easy to access when service or maintenance is needed.

From John Morley:

  • Leveraging my military training and expertise, I have drawn from personal experiences to grow this business.  We focus on our strengths and capabilities and are committed to growing this company both in terms of increasing our product line and number of employees.
  • At Shellback Industries we continue to look toward the future and position ourselves for success in this marketplace. As a viable construction management, materials, and site prep company we are increasing our capabilities by adding an energy upgrade division.  As we prepare for the future, we will provide power solutions that are scalable to projects of all sizes and layouts.  We at Shellback believe in energy efficiency and are positioning the company to pursue further opportunities.